maandag 5 oktober 2009

Bad news....

A while since I posted anything down here. MFTD went on after Marco left and was replace by Thijs (Karoushi) on drums since this summer. Which actually works out pretty well. We did a great gig at Noorderzon at the Hamradio container. All good stuff but here's some bad news... I am going to quit MFTD since I feel that this ain't working for me in this way anymore. Our last shows will be at the 10th and the 18th of october 2009. A pity, after so many years of fun and hard work. Anyone who knows me a bit also knows I will continue making music. But for now: Last show MFTD at the prinsenhof, martinikerkhof 23 in Groningen. Together with the lovely Francesca Comaneci from Ravenna, Italy. See does warm stuff sounding like mazzy star and the likes. At this final show we will also present our music video for "let this tension flow", done by Roeland Dijksterhuis & Bouke Mekel. Thanx to them for their blood, sweat & tears! Ok, the poster is up here (view to enlarge).

Take care,

Bouwvakker Jaap

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