woensdag 1 april 2009

Let this tension flow

(pictures by our Moniek Steenbergen)


Winter is over, time to let all stress flow.
We did and finished the final takes for the video for "Let this tension flow". It's in the process of editing and montage now. More video's of music for the defect in live 'action' our now on our myspace. The pilot show for "Psychodelic Birtday Party' is now finished and released. We did two songs in the TV show, "Grip" and "Emergency Call", still with Dorien on vocals.

It's time to get out on the road. We will do that in the end of may, heading to Italy for the first show on Tizio's festival @ San Martino Spino on sunday the 31st of May (see http://concertifooltribe.blogspot.com/) and then for a small tour through Italy.

Before that we will do some new recordings, probably so we can bring along a new cd again.
We'll keep you updated.

Take care,