dinsdag 2 december 2008

December is hitting in, still alive, still not frozen

Hey, what new, what's up.

Music for the defect did a recording session for VPRO dwars last spring. They recently broadcasted some of the material in a MFTD special with interview. The interview (in dutch) itself isn't that interesting in my opinion, the recordings are done live. It's possible to listen to it through this link: http://www.vpro.nl/programma/dwars/afleveringen/39979252/

We also did some TV-recordings for a new critical, underground musicprogram called: Psychodelic Birthday Party. This is the child of SingSing studioboss Milan Ciric. It's a collaboration with the Friesland College. Several bands do live performances in the studio while the music is directly recorded and the performance is filmed. Imagine a musicshow somewhere between the intimacy of "2 meter sessies" and the diversity of Jools Holland. The idea is to shoot a good music program with fresh bands bringing something that wouldn't be catched up in the mainstream slick and money minded media. Anyway, there's a promo now, also on our myspace. More info is on their website: http://www.psychobday.nl/

At the moment we are working on new songs, doing some more accoustic stuff. Beside that we are invited by our good friend Bob Corn to come to Italy and do some shows there. We will also do some shows on the way in France. This all should take place in the end of May/ begin june 2oo9, we are looking forward to it! More news in the nearby future.

Well, I'll stop here to write more another time.
Take care/ Beware

dinsdag 4 november 2008

First blog

Ok, let's try this.

From now on I will use this blogsite to entertain you with the whereabouts of Music for the defect, my life and all other stuff coming my way. So, paths lead from the MFTD myspace and our www.bouwvakker.org to this blog for more personal information.

Music for the defect just played a nice show at the Qbus in Leiden. Long Converations and Tiny Vipers played there as well but we were really looking forward playing with Damien Jurado. I fell in love with his music some 5/6 years ago I think and followed him ever since, knowing almost all his songs by heart. About the concert, man, it was great. Although the person Damien Jurado might be a grumpy ass of a man (sorry, but I couldn't break through his mood barricades), his music was great, the band was great. They had little contact while playing the set but the music was intense, just as it's meant to be. Eric Fisher (Damien Jurado's steady bandmember) was great talking to. Tiny Vipers really surprised me with cool music, a little experimental sometimes, a little Scout Niblett maybe. She had a nice voice and lots of expression. Long Conversations did their thing without band, a pity I guess. It was a great evening and we owe a big thanks to Paul & Tascha and Marcel WOTNXT booking this show and putting us on the bill.

Down here you can watch a song we played that evening, "hand me down". The picture up here was from another show, in Noordwijk @ the Greenhouse.
Take care,