donderdag 18 juni 2009

"Pushing the margins" finished & back from Italy


Lots of news here. Don't know where to start actually...
Music for the defect finished their recordings. It turned out to be a fine mix mainly of warm accoustic sounds. We called it "pushing the margins" and the cd contains 7 new songs. See artwork up here. Moniek did the photograph on the front-cover, the picture was shot during the first take of our video of let this tension flow (which isn't ready yet) . We are thinking of doing a cd release-party somewhere in Groningen after summer. We'll let you know... (for sale: 5 euro's)

We just returned home from a nice tour in Italy visiting especially the upper regions of Italy with Rome as an exception. The first show was at Tizio's (Bob Corn) festival (musica nelle valli). A very great festival. All great bands playing there! Just have been there two of three days but the variety and quality of the programmed bands was amazing! Just to pass you some names to listen to: Vialka, Jealousy party, Ichy, the Hand, My bubba and me, Comaneci etc etc etc.
Well just study the poster!

The second show was in Rome together with Callers (USA), at the fanfulla club. All shows we did with Callers, a very great band. Check them out! They got a great live performance going on and are all very skilled musical musicians. We were impressed by them every evening. A detail no to miss; Drummer Gus was in Spirit Assembly, an '90's emo band which I strongly admire, wow! After that we went to the sea side and did a very cosy, quiet and 'unplugged' show in a patio somewhere in Ravenna. Great ambience, nice audience, lovely people organizing it. Wow, this we really liked. In fact we have been doubting on doing all following shows in such a quiet fragile setting but we didn't. The day after we played a club in the beautiful town called Carpi. 14th century centerpart (square surounded by impressive architectural buildings with arches, palace and cathedral) on a hot sunny day. The concertplace was a great room. But it probably was too hot since a lot of visitors stayed outside, checking out the shows through the opened windows.
Parma was cancelled so we went up to Brunico near the Austrian border. A great place again. Shows outside under a roof and Bob Corn joined in as well. Nice last show for us.

On the personal side; my two daughters and girlfriend came along on tour as well, which was a great experience. We bought a van just before the tour in which we all can sleep. With two kids touring gets quite an exhausting excercise (it already is without kids..) but I really loved it and so did they! Paul and Tascha of wotnxt were present as well, spending also two weeks in in Italie. So great, and it isn't even summerholiday yet! Ha, more fun to come.

We will play some festivals as well this summer. Check out the showlist.
Some other thing, I just did some solo recordings in my kitchen and put them on a cd naming it Swantigkeit (sale: 2 euro's). Drawing and title by Uma Mare Olthof.

Take care,

Jaap/ mftd

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